Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching is designed for your individual growth and tailored to suit your personal goals. Whether you feel “stuck” at your current stage in life, or have burning ambitions and need direction on how to move forward, unlock your potential, and reveal clarity around what you are aiming to achieve.


Holistic coaching allows you to take control of your life and not let life take control of you. The tools and hacks you gain through this unique tailored program will help you create a more positive mindset and significantly transform the way you approach your day, and in turn, your life.

Through coaching and holistic practices, you will have a range of techniques designed to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve wellbeing.

Are You Ready To ....

  • Wake up completely replenished after an amazing night's sleep?
  • Feel full of energy and creativity?
  • Feel calm, productive and completely focused?
  • Look and feel fantastic?
  • Feel totally light and revitalized?

Then This Coaching Is For You!


Holistic Coaching Package

Our holistic coaching program is designed for people who have a feeling of not moving forward. We take you through step by step, breaking down your limiting beliefs, while giving you a new perspective and “tool kit” enabling to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Our 6 session package is compressive and holistic – focusing on habit change, meditation, breath-work and emotional and spiritual development.

See below for an example breakdown of the 6 sessions.

Sample Holistic Coaching Package

  • #1 – Holistic Health Assessment
  • #2 – Holistic Assessment Review + Daily Habit Framework
  • #3 – Goal Setting Session + Mindfulness Review
  • #4 – Goal Review Session + Holistic Practice such as Learn to Meditate Session 1
  • #5 – Goal Review Session + Holistic Practice such as Learn to Meditate Session 2
  • #6 – Holistic Coaching Session

Unsure? Why not try it out? No commitment and the first session is completely free!

Personalised Sessions - Tailored to You

These personalised sessions can relate to particular areas that need to be discussed, along with an integration of how to:

  • Manage, utilise and subconsciously reduce stress
  • Access flow state
  • Live in alignment
  • Understand and implement specific daily habits and practices tailored to your life and goals
  • Create a holistic action plan
  • Accelerate towards your goals
  • Be productive, progressive creative and dynamic
  • Release fears and live intuitively

Meditation, Breathwork and Holistic Practices

  • Learn easy to implement strategies around nutrition that increase health and energy and minimise cravings.
  • Understand the importance of quality sleep to improve recovery and boost your immune system.
  • Learn how to use meditation to quiet the monkey mind, improve focus and increase mental clarity.
  • Learn specific Himalayan breathing techniques designed to connect and align your body, mind and soul allowing you to manage stress and anxiety and release the negative effects from your body.
  • Learn how to integrate and adopt a growth mindset that allows you to access flow state in everyday life, in turn taking control of your emotions, managing your thoughts, and nurturing deeper relationships grounded in self-acceptance.

The coaching is designed to teach you practical tips and solutions that can be integrated into your everyday life, creating conscious awareness of the choices you make through healthy lifestyle practices and mindset. 



Hey There, I'm Fiona!

And I Understand Better Than Anyone The Stresses & Strains Of Corporate Life

I am a Certified Health Coach, Aromatherapist, Ayurvedic Counsellor and Herbalist. I also spent 20 years in corporate. I suffered from chronic exhaustion through stress and overworking and found healthy prescription free ways to get back to feeling healthy and revitalised. I want that for you.

I am dedicated to sharing with you all of the wellness wisdom and resources I discovered for a happy, healthy and stress free work life.

My goal is to pay it forward and help as many other women suffering from burnout as I can, and this New Burnout Recovery Program is the perfect place to start! You can find out more about me and my other resources at Connemara Apothecary

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Remember the first session is free - no commitment!